Your application, server or infrastructures are replicated consistently. Automation is the key to ensure, fast, consistent and repeatable deployments.

Cost reduction

Repetitive tasks are eliminated, freeing the staff to focus on other projects.

Auto scaling saves money by activating only the servers that you need.


We eliminate single points of failure and add efficient monitoring services and redundancy, allowing your services to stay up online longer.

Automation allows you to implement advanced features

Geographically Dispersed Infrastructure

Increase conversions by reducing latency and enhancing availability.
ManageaCloud configures and monitor Traffic Management for Geographically Dispersed Load Balanced Infrastructure in the cloud, allowing you to operate from multiple locations around the world simultaneously.

Blue Green Deployments

Fast, reliable, safe and effective application deployments.
Manageacloud allows you to take application deployment the next level using it along with the latest cutting-edge techniques such as canary deployments and immutable infrastructures.

How do we do it ?

Use our product to empower your existing team through our business plan or free them to focus in your business by using our tailored solutions.

Tailored Solutions

From start-ups to enterprises we analyse every type of company, their clientele, their technology and how they operate. We achieve consistent performance, early problem alerts and uptime above 99%, frequently achieving monthly uptimes of 100%.


Not sure what you need? Tell us your business needs and we will help you to find the best, most cost-effective solution.

Managed Services

We can manage your applications, servers and infrastructures ensuring high performance, low latency, auto scalability, backups and more.


If you are seeking infrastructure and server automation, we can create and maintain it for you.

Business Plan

ManageaCloud allows IT to automate the configuration of servers and to maintain complex infrastructure seamless.

Technology Agnostic

Manageacloud works with any technology that uses the command line interface. This ensures to easily integrate any existing or new technology.


Manageacloud allows you to deploy code, servers and infrastructures.


Our technology is very flexible and allows any scenario for Application Deployment, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and more.

Get it done

At ManageaCloud we are fanatical about getting things done. We like simplicity, and we can help you to get professional automation for your applications, systems and services, which means a reduction of operational costs and fewer error-prone operations.

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