The technology that allows you to:

APP Versatility

Operate different versions of your application (production, development, user acceptance, etc) concurrently.

Time Saver

Deploy releases quick and safe.


Automatically configure databases, dns, autoscaling, autohealing and any other resources.


Develop server configurations productively using your favourite technology such as Puppet, Ansible, Docker, etc.

Code Conversion

Convert your infrastructure to code.

MaC Maintenance

Discourage the use of manual and inefficient tools such as SSH and Management Consoles to maintain infrastructures.

The Framework Approach by MaC

ManageaCloud takes a different approach to automating infrastructures.
While the market traditionally creates wrappers to solve the automation
problem, ManageaCloud has created a framework.

Traditional Orchestration Engines

You maintain the infrastructure template. It interacts with the wrapper (maintained by the orchestration engine) which interacts with the supplier library (maintained by the cloud supplier).

Unfortunately, the wrapper creates a set of inefficiencies:

  • Every feature available by the cloud supplier must be implemented and maintained by the orchestration engine.
  • There are delays in the availability of new features released by the cloud supplier.
  • It is a potential source of bugs.
  • Your learning is focused on the orchestration engine.

ManageaCloud Orchestration Framework

You create and maintain the macfiles which operate with the supplier using the cloud supplier CLI or API, eliminating the need for a wrapper.

Frameworks have several advantages over wrappers:

  • New features, implemented by the cloud supplier, are available immediately.
  • The whole system is more robust and simple.
  • Very flexible and powerful: It allows you to use any cloud technology with a CLI or API.
  • Automating infrastructures is much faster.
  • Your learning is focused on the cloud supplier.
  • As detailed below, this makes ManageaCloud a true cloud agnostic framework.

Truly Cloud Agnostic

Being cloud agnostic means the ability to move between cloud platforms with little or no trouble.

Most cloud technologies claim to be cloud agnostic and able to operate in any cloud. However, when the wrapper strategy is used you cannot be cloud agnostic by definition, as the wrapper has to be developed and maintained.

Meanwhile, ManageaCloud is compatible with any cloud technology (not limited to cloud platforms), current and future, as long as there is a CLI or API available.

Public Cloud

We can work with any public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, DigitalOcean and others.

Private Cloud

This technology is compatible with co-location and private clouds.

Hybrid Cloud

Manageacloud's flexibility makes it specially appropriate for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.


Manageacloud is compatible with new technologies and paradigms such as containers and microservices.