A Server Configuration allows you to define the configuration of a server. But usually, an application, might require more than servers: load balancers, autoscaling groups, server images, etc.

The files that defines how the infrastructure is created and destroyed is called the macfile (ManageaCloud configuration file, read the macfile reference documentation for more information).

macfiles uses the tools available in the host (eg AWS CLI, Docker cli) to perform the orchestration of the infrastructure.

Those requirements can be encapsulated by using triggers.

The infrastructures has a version number (Learn more about infrastructure versioning).

Infrastructures allows you to understand how are the cloud resources being used.

Learn more about infrastructure by reading the AWS Quickstart guide .

Infrastructure creation

Once the macfile has been defined creating a new infrastructure is easy:

mac -s infrastructure macfile


For more flexibility, macfiles allows parameters

Listing infrastructures

You can see the current infrastructures from the Web Interface or the mac cli. From the command line interface you need to execute:

mac infrastructure list
mac infrastructure items
to display the servers and resources that compose the infrastructure.

Destroying infrastructure

You can destroy an infrastructure from the command line interface by executing:

mac infastructure destroy infrastructure_name infrastructure_version

Be aware of the return codes

If an infrastructure has been created or destroyed correctly it will return the code 0.

If a task failed the command line interface will display detailed information about the problem.