Install Manageacloud

If you want to use Manageacloud you can use our SaaS or you can download and install the community version.

Manageacloud Business or Start-Up

Our SaaS offering Manageacloud Business and Manageacloud Start-up does not require any type of installation. Just register and start using it right away.

Manageacloud Community

Manageacloud community is free to use, and many of the modules are Open Source. You need to download and install the Community Web Interface and the command line interface.

Automatic Installation

curl | bash

The previous script will install Manageacloud automatically, performing the following actions:

  • Configure and install the mac cli
  • Execute this Manageacloud Configuration File (aka macfile)
    • Installs Docker
    • Downloads and installs a container with Postgres 9.4
    • Loads the basic database structure
    • Download and installs a container with RabbitMQ
    • Download and installs a container running Memcache
    • Download and installs Tomcat7 with Manageacloud Community WAR
    • Starts all the services

Manual Installation

  • Install Manageacloud Command Line Interface in your system.
    curl -sSL | bash
  • Install Postgres 9.4
  • Install RabbitMQ and enable Stomp
  • Install Tomcat 7 and load the Manageacloud Community WAR
  • Tomcat 7 host needs the following /etc/host entries: mac-memcached  # ip for the memcache server mac-rabbitmq # ip for rabbit mq mac-postgres # ip for postgres

Installing Manageacloud Community using Manageacloud Business or Start-Up

You can install Manageacloud Community version using Manageacloud Business or Start-Up. For example, if you want to install it from the command line interface:

  • Sign Up at Manageacloud
  • Install Manageacloud Command Line Interface in your system.
    curl -sSL | bash
  • Create a server and install Manageacloud Community.
    mac instance create -b -r ubuntu:trusty