Getting Started

Manageacloud is a technology agnostic orchestration framework. It allows you to hook any technology with any cloud, so you can orchestrate production ready servers and infrastructures within minutes.

Manageacloud's foundation is to be technology agnostic: it is designed to work with any current and future technology, as long as you can interact with a Command Line or a REST interface.

Product Features

Manageacloud allows you to:

  • Orchestrate servers
  • Orchestrate production ready infrastructure (golden images, autoscaling groups, load balancers, etc)
  • Versioning servers and infrastructure
  • Empower Continuous Delivery
  • View who is the owner of the resources (servers and infrastructure)
  • Interact with your servers using a Command Line Interface, REST Api or Web Interface
  • Manage access to servers
  • Convert your infrastructure into code
  • Orchestrate servers using your existing automation codes (eg Docker, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, etc)
  • Test server configurations easily
  • Integrate any technology that can be operated from the command line interface or an API
  • Keep the history (including logs), of servers and infrastructure
  • Trigger events via WebHooks
  • Although Manageacloud is technology agnostic, we have created some shortcuts for easier operation with Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace and Digital Ocean

Manageacloud makes feasible complex infrastructure scenarios, such as:

  • Blue-Green deployments
  • Geographically Dispersed Load Balancer infrastructure
  • Continuous Delivery